2020 July Webinar: Transport and Climate Change

This webinar was held on 22 July 2020.  The presenters discussed current trends in transport emissions, as well as future developments, strategies and policy options in combating climate change from the transport sector.

Alice Woodruff
Managing Director of Active City
Alice’s practice designs and delivers travel demand management strategies and interventions that encourage new travel choices to specific destinations, precincts or at a city-scale. Alice supports communities to choose travel options that help manage city growth, increase physical activity and wellbeing, and reduce our carbon footprint. Influencing people’s behaviour is complex. Delivering successful outcomes requires integrating disciplines and co-designing change with the people you are working with. Alice’s projects intersect transport planning, behavioural insights, community development and organisational change.

Dr Elliot Fishman
Director of the Institute for Sensible Transport
Dr Fishman is a leading thinker on integrated transport and sustainable mobility planning, having provided advice to the Prime Minister’s Office, Transport for London and the NYC Department of Transportation. In recent years he has prepared ambitious, best practice transport strategies for local governments in Victoria and NSW. These have included land use and transport planning elements that have sought to maximise the beneficial components of emerging transport technology, such as MaaS possibilities and the shift from short car trips to active transport. Dr Fishman’s innovative work on the possible impacts of driverless vehicles has led governments to rethinking how best to capitalise on the emergence of these technologies.

Petra Stock
Ex-Program Manager – Cities and Policies, Climateworks Australia
Petra is an expert in energy and climate solutions, with eighteen years working across climate organisations, state and local government, consulting and the renewable energy industry. Petra enjoys working on complex issues like climate change, renewable energy, infrastructure, transport, environmental approvals and the protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage. Petra has led climate solutions strategy at ClimateWorks and the Climate Council; planning and environmental approvals processes for large infrastructure projects; and the review of Victoria’s Aboriginal Heritage Act.