ITE Technical Councils

Membership in ITE Councils is open to any ITE member. If you are an ITE member, you may join as many Councils as you have an interest in.

Subscribing to any of the six area-of-practice technical councils and the three employer-type councils on the ITE Community ( also provide opportunities to be instrubmental in developing technical products and to actively contribute to the body of knowledge in a discipline here and across the ITE global community. The leadership of ITE’s councils warmly welcomes members’ identification of the most important transportation issues to address, and suggestions for products that should be developed to assist in solving them. Here in the ITE ANZ Section, it is a great opportunitiy to identify areas where Australia and New Zealand members can contribute to global understanding and knowledge.

In late 2014 ITE’s International Board of Direction (IBOD) confirmed a major reorganisation of ITE’s Technical Councils in an effort to streamline the councils and to address the concerns and challenges facing the Councils’ leadership. The more significant changes were the creation of the Complete Streets Council and the consolidation of the nine previous technical councils into six councils, with some councils supported by standing committees focussed on particular areas.

The diagram below shows the new structure of the Technical Councils and supporting standing committees.

2014_ITE_Tech_CouncilsThrough the early part of 2015 the councils and committees have attempted to add greater emphasis on offering more “micro-volunteering” opportunities for all members wishing to be part of the Technical Councils, the addition of nominated younger members to each of the council executive committees, and the expansion of the type and format of technical content provided by the councils to our members.

Now is the perfect time to share your time and talents! Subscribe to the council/committee pages in which you are interested to see what they are doing, ask questions and respond to discussions, share information, or volunteer to help with the many activities going on across the councils. Your council chairs and peers need you…now is the time!

To learn more about the councils, visit the Councils home page at