Austraffic Worldwide Learning Opportunities

A generous sponsorship from Austraffic has enabled ITE-ANZ to offer financial support for young members to attend worldwide conferences, meetings or other professional events which would allow them to interact and learn from other professionals. The aim is to contribute to their personal and professional development. Several young professionals and students have received funding to pursue development opportunities overseas since the inception of the award.

Applications for WLO are open on an ongoing basis

More information and eligibility criteria for Worldwide Learning Opportunity funding are outlined in this flyer: Austraffic Worldwide Learning Opportunities 2024

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Worldwide Learning Opportunities granted

Max McCardel

Conference:  ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2023

Matt Bennett

Conference: ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, New Orleans, USA, 2022

Madi Salter

Conference: ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, New Orleans, USA, 2022

Danielle Rebbechi

Conference: ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Austin Texas, USA, 2019

Danielle is a Graduate Transport Engineer at SMEC Australia in the Melbourne Office and Secretary of the YoungITE Committee. She is passionate about the transportation industry and is a keen advocate for young people contributing to the profession through fresh, innovative ideas.

She has been involved in the ITE-ANZ for over a year, taking on the role of Interstate Representative Liaison and Speaker Liaison as part of the organizing committee for the inaugural Student Leadership Summit (SLS). She has also taken on an active role within the ITE, assisting in the organization of 2019 seminars. Danielle is looking forward to exploring opportunities with her fellow committee members to assist young professionals and students to make a significant contribution to the profession.

Tyler O’Hare

ConferenceTRB annual meeting, Washington D.C Conference Centre, Washington D.C, USA, 2019

Tyler O’Hare was awarded the opportunity, through the generous support of Austraffic and ITE, to attend the TRB annual meeting in Washington D.C in early January 2019. In the course of this event, he

  • Assisted in presenting his university research to a room full of attendees and answered their questions in front of his poster at a later session.
  • Attended countless lectorial and poster sessions on areas of interest.
  • Rode in a fully autonomous mini-bus and explored the future of transport technology in the exhibit hall.
  • Visited the ITE headquarters and met with the very popular Bruce and Randy (international president and vice president) and snapped a photo with the prestigious Traffic Bowl trophy and John Davis.
  • Braved the snow and attended a dinner for Monash staff and students.

Dana Abudayyeh

ConferenceInternational Symposium of Transport Simulation & International Workshop on Traffic Data Collection and its Standardization, Japan, 2018

Dana Abudayyeh

The ITE and Austraffic were pleased to present the first New Zealand young member, Dana Abudayyeh, with funding to support her in undertaking a Worlwide Learning Opportunity. Dana is conducting PhD research into signal control for urban road networks, at the University of Canterbury. She has been awarded funding to travel to Japan, to present the results of modelling of disrupted road networks for different blockage scenarios. A passion for traffic modelling led Dana to her current research pursuits, in which she is exploring the use of signal control to improve the resilience of urban transport networks. Congratulations Dana!

Laura Aston

Conference: University of Minnesota Student Leadership Summit and ITE Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, 2018

Laura Aston BW

Laura Aston been granted funding to attend the ITE Student Leadership Summit and ITE Annual Meeting, both to be held in Minneapolis in August 2018. Laura will have the opportunity to attend a Student Leadership Summit first hand and hopes to take away many ideas and insights to apply to the first ITE-ANZ student leadership summit to be held in Melbourne this year. She will also have the opportunity to share initiatives that ITE-ANZ is currently undertaking, and hear about initiatives that our international ITE peers are undertaking, as well as learning about transportation industry trends and opportunities, at the annual meeting.

Laura expects to share her experience from the Student Leadership Summit and ITE Annual Meeting at the first Student Leadership Summit.

Joel Docker

Conference: Australasian Transportation Research Forum, Auckland, 2017

Joel Docker

Joel received the award whilst studying for an undergraduate degree at Monash University. Joel’s co-authored paper ‘Safe roads for cyclists: an investigation of Australian and Dutch approaches’, was accepted for presentation at the Australasian Transport Research Forum in Auckland in November 2017.  His research project was on the topic of cycling infrastructure, under the supervision of Dr Marilyn Johnson of the Monash Institute of Transport Studies. Austraffic’s generous funding enabled Joel to attend the conference and present his research.

Manuel Lawrence

Conference: ITS Asia Pacific Forum, Hong Kong, 2017

Manuel Lawrence

Sam Linke

Conference: ITE Annual Meeting, Toronto, 2017

Sam Linke

In order to realise he full benefit of these worldwide learning opportunities, recipient are asked to share their learning and experience with the wider transportation community at ITE seminars. Sam and Manuel shared their overseas experiences at the November seminar, “ITS, Wayfinding and Learnings from Toronto”. Sam Linke chaired the session and also presented on a range of topics, including City Making, Complete Streets, Autonomous Vehicles, Engaging Young Professionals and other things learnt at the ITE Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada. Manuel Lawrence’s topic was ‘Smart technologies and planning for better cities – Learnings from Hong Kong’.  He discussed transport technologies in cities and provided observations of transport planning initiatives in Hong Kong.

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John Reid

John Reid, Austraffic