Transport Engineers at Monash (TEM) Student Chapter (2021)

The ITE Transport Engineers at Monash University (TEM) Student Chapter is helping to develop the next generation of transport engineers and creating strong links between students and the profession.

The students who form the Student Chapter Committee are:

Lauren Guiney


Lauren is a Civil Engineering and Architectural Design student expected to complete her studies in late 2022. Lauren currently works as an undergraduate Track & Civil Engineer at Jacobs, with a great passion for Major Transport Infrastructure. Lauren’s aims for TEM are to provide students with opportunities to learn about the different career paths available in the wider Transport Industry and connect students with Industry Professionals. Lauren also hopes to give students a greater appreciation for the necessity of interdisciplinary design in transport projects, encouraging students beyond Civil Engineering to get involved with TEM.

Bryan I

Hello, I’m Bryan I and I’m an undergraduate Civil Engineering student aspiring to succeed in the field of Transport Engineering. Being gifted such an opportunity to represent TEM as their treasurer, I aim to demonstrate how compelling Transport and its subdivisions really are. My objective as a committee member of TEM is to build strong interpersonal relationships between the students of Monash and the industry professionals of all current and future sponsors, in hopes to encourage more people to seek Transport Engineering as a career choice.

Dararith Vann

(Mentoring Program Coordinator)

Hi, I’m Dara and I’m currently in my penultimate year, studying civil engineering. I started to develop my interest in transport as I joined TEM events and hearing from the experiences of the mentor in the transport industry. I find it useful and I wish I knew it earlier. So as a mentoring program coordinator for TEM, I aim to expand this program to more Freshman/junior students to help them explore Transport engineering as well as making the program enjoyable and beneficial to both mentee and mentor.

Cathy Cheng

(ITE/AITPM Liaison)

Cathy is a Civil Engineering and Commerce student currently in her 4th year. Cathy aims to build meaningful relations and maintain partnerships with ITE, AITPM, and future sponsors and societies. Cathy hopes to improve the accessibility of transport infrastructure so that a broader community has an equal opportunity to travel more economically and sustainably. Cathy is excited to be working with TEM committee members to connect students with industry professionals and encourage them to explore the infinite possibilities in transport.

Alice Liang

(Media and Communication Officer)

Hi, I’m Alice and I’m a final year Civil Engineering student working as an undergraduate consultant at Movement and Place Consulting. I have a strong interest in transport and traffic engineering, and am especially enthusiastic about promoting active transport modes and improving local transport options for the community. As media and communications officer, I hope to increase awareness of transport engineering among undergraduate students and improve engagement at TEM events throughout the year.

Danush Durairaj (Vice President)

Hey, I’m Danush and I am in my penultimate year, studying Civil Engineering and Finance. As vice president, I hope to ensure TEM continues to grow and build a strong reputation within the university. I strongly believe that TEM provides great opportunities for students to improve their university experience by connecting with industry professionals.I aim to help more students understand the vast transport industry through a variety of events and our mentorship program. I personally enjoy both Structural and Transport Engineering and would hope to join either of these fields in the workforce.

Steven Thein Kha Sie

(Media and Communications Officer)

Steven is in his 3rd year studying Civil Engineering and Arts majoring in Communications and Media. Steven believes in the opportunities and exposure TEM provides for all students at Monash and he is excited to help deliver these chances. After he completes my degree Steven hopes to contribute to the transport industry particularly in improving     our public transport network.

Ishaan Mantry

General Representative

Hi, my name is Ishaan Mantry. I am currently in my penultimate year studying Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering and Business Analytics. As a general representative, I aim to inform more students about TEM and the transport industry, in hopes of making them interested in the club and a career in the transport field, and in doing also hope to use my specialisation to introduce some interdisciplinary interest in TEM.  I also hope to contribute to the transport industry once I have graduated.

Lahiru Wathukarage

General Representative

Hi, my name is Lahiru Wathukarage and I am currently a second year student studying Civil Engineering and Commerce. My interest in transport engineering motivated me to join the TEM Mentoring program. After having a positive experience with the program, I applied for the General Representative role with the intention of encouraging students to gain interest in transport engineering and TEM. I am hoping that they have a similar experience as me when learning about the industry and hopefully find a career in transport engineering in the future.

Varsahe Manivasakan

Continuity Officer

Hi, my name is Varsahe Manivasakan. I am a current 4th year Civil Engineering and Finance student. I have a great passion for both Transport Engineering and Structural Engineering and I hope to one day pursue a career in either of those disciplines. I work as an undergraduate engineer for the Roads and Highways team at SMEC. My aim with TEM is to continue to connect students with industry members.

Abbass Kak

Event Planner

Hi! I am Abbass an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Student at Monash University. Since I have taken my first unit in transport engineering I have developed a passion for Transportation in general and for traffic modelling in particular. I have joined TEM as an event planner to meet like-minded students and promote transportation engineering at Monash.


Steven Canwei Pang

(Post Graduate Representative)

Hi, my name is Steven and I am currently a final year student at Monash doing Civil Engineering and Marketing Science. I have a strong passion for Transport Engineering and Water Engineering. I am excited to become a remember of the 2021/22 TEM committee and aim to help connect like-minded students and professionals in this industry together.

John Qian


Hey! I’m John. I am currently a 3rd year Civil Engineering student with a heavy interest in the transportation industry. In the near future, I endeavour to become involved in major transport infrastructure projects across Melbourne and Australia, with the hope of eventually becoming a project manager. I am extremely excited to be part of the 2021/2022 TEM committee and aspire to not only make the coming year the best on record but to transform the club in the eyes of the cohort. My focus is to work cohesively with the team to seamlessly integrate more & more members into the community and establish a stronger network between the students, professionals & our sponsors.