TEM Mentoring Program

The TEM-ITE Mentoring Program held by Transport Engineers at Monash and Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) aims to connect students with established industry professionals to motivate, empower and encourage the next generation of professionals entering the transport industry.

The Program is spread across two university semesters. Participants are provided with an Induction Night information session and are supported throughout the year by TEM and ITE if there are any queries. Over the course of the program, mentors and mentees meet monthly to discuss and share knowledge and advice. Mentor/Mentee Workshops and Catch Up Sessions will be held throughout the program to facilitate group session and learn more about mentoring. For mentees this is an opportunity to learn more about the transport industry, develop new networks and build employability skills. The program will conclude with a Graduation Night, where mentee and mentors share their experiences and lessons learnt in the program.

Benefits to Mentees:

  • Learn from someone who has been through the stages you are currently in or will be going through
  • Receive professional guidance and support in considering the change and challenges as you move from academia to professional work environments
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Get useful tips on job hunting
  • Gain opportunities to be introduced to professional networks for transport engineers and allied disciplines.

Benefits to Mentors:

  • Develop communication and counselling skills
  • Satisfaction of helping other individuals move into their professional lives
  • Sponsor and introduce your mentee to professional networks
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own career goals, experiences and lessons learnt along the way.

More information can be found in the TEM-ITE Mentoring Handbook Round 2.

If you are interested in applying for the program, please fill out the relevant form: