President of the Young ITE-ANZ


Matt Bennett is a transport planner based in Aurecon’s Melbourne office and is president of the YITE-ANZ Committee. Starting from a young age, Matt has always been fascinated by all modes of transport and how best to integrate them. His involvement with the ITE began with the Australian first Student Leadership Summit in 2018. As part of the organising committee, Matt took responsibility for the pub trivia styled Traffic Bowl and aided the marketing and communication strategy. As the inaugural president of the YITE-ANZ Committee, Matt aims to help establish and grow a strong global network with fellow transport enthusiasts.

Ruw Palapathwala

Vice-President of Young ITE-ANZ​


Ruw is Co-Vice-President and one of two Marketing Communications Officers of Young ITE-ANZ (YITE). He will be responsible for liaising with external parties to seek sponsorship for the committee as well as help broaden the reach of the committees events and profile. He also serves on the ITE-ANZ senior board as the Strategy Lead where he drafted the 2020-2023 strategic framework and helps to ensure its objectives and key action areas are being reflected in the committee’s activities.

He works as a Transport Planner at Aurecon’s Melbourne office and seeks to offer support and guidance by championing a friendly and approachable demeanour. He invites anyone with a passion in transport to get involved with both the ITE-ANZ and YITE.

Danielle Rebbechi

Vice-President of Young ITE-ANZ​​

Danielle Rebbechi

Danielle returns to the Young ITE-ANZ (YITE) as the Co Vice President, following a successful role as the inaugral Secretary for the committee.

Danielle is a Graduate Transport Engineer at SMEC Australia in the Melbourne Office and Secretary of the YoungITE Committee. She is passionate about the transportation industry and is a keen advocate for young people contributing to the profession through fresh, innovative ideas.She has been involved in the ITE-ANZ for over a year, taking on the role of Interstate Representative Liaison and Speaker Liaison as part of the organizing committee for the inaugural Student Leadership Summit (SLS). She has also taken on an active role within the ITE, assisting in the organization of 2019 seminars.

Danielle is looking forward to exploring opportunities with her fellow committee members to assist young professionals and students to make a significant contribution to the profession.

Cristian Jara Infante


Copy of 20151127_223857 - Cristian Jara

Cristian is a Peruvian civil engineer with more than 5 years as project scheduling and control, mainly, in highway construction projects. He is currently a last-year master student at The University of Melbourne with a major in civil with business. As a master student, he was awarded the ITEANZ Student Award for the University of Melbourne for his work on a travel mode choice model for Melbourne travellers as part of the subject Transportation Systems.

He has shown a high development of analytical and problem-solving skills during his work experience in Peru. During his master studies, he has developed genuine interest on the evolution of transportation industry, especially on public transport systems, which led him to start working as a research assistant in the infrastructure department of the University of Melbourne.

Cristian’s goals as part of YITE executive board are, first, to look forward to exploring opportunities to provide both young professionals and students with a platform for learning, networking, sharing experiences, and second to begin a career in the transportation industry by connecting with people that are also passionate about transport.

Dat Tang


Copy of Dat Tang's Image - Dat TANG

Dat is a graduate of Swinburne University of Technology with a double degree in Civil Engineer and Business Accounting.

Dat has a strong passion to build a safe and sustainable transport network. In his final year course at Swinburne university, Dat carried out a pedestrian safety analysis of 50 intersections in Melbourne CBD and identified potential solutions to address the issues and present this research to the City of Melbourne.

Dat is a strong believer in the power of giving back and his contributions were recognised through the Emerging Leaders Program at Swinburne University.

Tabitha Yeoh

Communications Officer

Tabitha Yeoh

Tabitha is one of two Communications Officers within the ITE-ANZ Young Members Committee.

Tabitha is a Transport Planner at Jacobs. She is part of the Melbourne office’s Transport Planning team. In her role she has developed skills in transport planning, modelling and data analysis; through having worked on a variety of projects involving road, public transport, heavy vehicle, cycling, pedestrian and precinct planning.

Tabitha has a great passion for transport and cities, which she developed while completing her Bachelor of Urban Planning and Design degree from the University of Melbourne and working as a Transport Planner. Tabitha believes that her involvement in the ITE-ANZ Young Members Committee will enable her to become more active in the transport industry and contribute towards providing both young professionals and students with more opportunities to network and learn about transport.

Ben Thomson

Activities Coordinators

Ben Thomson-cv-col

Ben is a Traffic Engineer at Ratio Consultants, based in Melbourne Australia, involved in the initial design and planning stage of developing our cities and spaces. With experience spanning both in New Zealand as a Contractor and now as a Consultant, he understands the importance of being able to build the plans being designed. Ben has a strong passion for multi-modal transport networks and how we rebalance the mobility equation for people to thrive in their towns and cities.

Ben is involved for the third year as a mentor in the joint ITE-ANZ and Traffic Engineers Monash (TEM) mentoring program and has been an active member in both the YITE and ITEANZ activities and committees. He is undertaking a joint role in leading the activities portfolio with YITE for the 2020/2021 year.

Patrick (Aonan) Xue

Activities Coordinators

Aonan Xue Photo

As one of the Activities Coordinators for YITE, Patrick is an aspiring engineer and transport professional currently enrolled at Monash University in his final year. He is passionate about building a safe and sustainable future for Melbourne, and has acquired industry experience from internships at both Arup and Transurban.
Patrick became involved with ITE through its Student Leadership Summit in 2018, where he volunteered to organise and take photographs on the day. He has since enjoyed the opportunities to meet like-minded students and network with industry professionals. Patrick is excited for his new role on the YITE committee to deliver great events for its members.

Riddhi Kalra

Student Chapter Support Officer

Riddhi Kalra

Riddhi is the Student Chapter Support Officer with Young ITE.
Riddhi is in her final year studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Finance.
Riddhi is the president of ITE-ANZ’s student chapter, Transport Engineering Monash (TEM). She is passionate about connecting like-minded students and supporting those entering into the transport engineering industry.
Riddhi is currently working as an undergraduate engineer at Aurecon and will be a graduate in the Roads team in February next year.

Jeyashivraj Parthiban (Jey)

General Rep - Executive Board

Jeyashivraj Parthiban (Jey)

I am a final year Monash university student pursuing a double degree in Civil Engineering and Economics. I have been involved in the activities of ITE since my 2nd year, when the student chapter at Monash University was set up. I served as the ITE liaison in the student committee and later became President of the student chapter, a position I held in 2019. I also work at a road safety consultancy called Safe System Solutions as an undergraduate engineer. I’m glad to be involved with the ITE because it provides me the opportunity to meet like-minded professions from different backgrounds and institutions. Moreover, it provides me the opportunity to learn more about the transport profession.

Cassandra Min

General Rep - Marketing and Communications

Cassandra Min

Cassie is a Transport Planner at Jacobs, part of the Melbourne office team. In her role, she has worked on the delivery of integrated transport planning and strategy projects which investigates road, freight, public transport, active transport and land use. She has been involved in traffic modelling and data analysis, as well as assessing performance in terms of safety, pedestrian connectivity and traffic flow.

Cassie completed her Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Architectural Design at Monash University in 2019. Her interests lie in transport and traffic engineering as well as sustainability. These fields bring with them global challenges that she hopes to address within her career.

She is a marketing general representative on the YITE-ANZ committee. Cassie joined the ITE-ANZ Executive Board in 2018 and is also currently Co-Vice President. Through being involved in the ITE-ANZ Executive Board and the YITE committee, she hopes to foster a strong network of transport students and professionals, bringing more learning opportunities to the industry.

Mitchell Young

General Rep - Activities

Mitchel young

Mitchell Young is a Traffic Engineer working at Trafficworks based in Ivanhoe and is a general committee member for activities of the YITE-ANZ Committee. He has a strong passion in the Traffic and Transport field and is fascinated by how dynamic the system is. Mitchell has been very active in the participation of multiple events and has recently participated in the Student Leadership Summit organized by ITE-ANZ in 2018 as well as many seminars throughout the year. As part of the general committee for activities, Mitchell is excited to be involved in the planning for future seminars, Student Leadership Summits, Trivia Nights and the Amazing Race. Mitchell aims to establish a strong connection with people who are passionate about Transport, bringing their ideas together to help create a better Transportation system.

Canwei Pang

General Rep - Activities

Canwei Pang​

Steven Canwei Pang is one of the General Representatives (Activities) of within Young ITE.
Steven is a penultimate-year student at Monash University, taking a double degree in Civil Engineering and Marketing Science. Steven has a particular passion and interest in Traffic and Transport Engineer, and he is aspiring to a career in this industry and become involved in shaping the future of our cities and creating a more liveable and sustainable environment for the people.
Steven’s initial involvement began in 2019, with being a mentee in the transport engineering mentoring program, presented by Transport Engineers at Monash (TEM, a student chapter of ITE-ANZ). In late 2019, Steven became a Marketing and Communications Officer with TEM and had more involvement with ITE-ANZ.


General Rep - Activities


Devika joins the YITE Committee for her second year as a General Represenative for the Activities Portfolio

Harshal Dharbarde

General Rep - Marketing and Communications

Harshal Dharbarde

Harshal joins the YITE Committee as one of two General Represenatives for the Marketing and Communications Portfolio

Yvonne Chen

General Rep - Associations and Partnerships

Yvonne Chen​

Yvonne is completing Master of Civil Engineering at The University of Melbourne. She is currently a general representative on the YITE-ANZ committee.

Yvonne has discovered interests in integrating sustainability with transport and city planning through her study. She has developed skills in data analysis during the research experience on her exchange semester at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As a 2020 committee member at MUCSS (Melbourne University Civil & Structural Society), she helps to shift events online quickly to adapt to social restriction changes due to COVID and co-create online social events to bring students together through the challenging time.

Yvonne hopes to help strengthen the connectivity between industry and university students to better prepare young transport enthusiasts’ transition to professionals through her role in YITE-ANZ committee.

Joshua Jeng

General Rep - Associations and Partnerships


Joshua is a final year student in Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at Monash University. Joshua is also recipient of CIV4284 (Traffic System) Student Award at Monash University and is currently working as consultant at Movement & Place Consulting. His main skillsets are in transport demand and traffic system modelling.
Joshua joined the ITE-ANZ in 2019 as Media and Communications Officer for Monash University ITE Student Chapter. 

Hesavar Manivasakan

General Rep - Student Chapter Support

Hesavar Manivasakan

Hesavar is in his final year at Monash University, pursuing a double degree in Civil Engineering (Honours) and Finance. Hesavar has strong aspirations in shaping Australia’s transport infrastructure for the future and has worked both at SMEC and Arup as an undergraduate engineer in the Roads and Highways team where he has acquired a good background understanding of Road Engineering.

Hesavar is also the mentorship program coordinator for ITE student chapter, Transport Engineers at Monash. Hesavar aims to connect ITE-ANZ’s student chapters with YITE to provide better support and opportunities for passionate transport students to connect with emerging transport professionals and open more doors and opportunities for them in the future.