ITE is supporting members during COVID-19

It is important for all communities to support their members to stay physically and mentally healthy while facing the unprecedented challenges associated with COVID-19. Our community of transportation professionals is a diverse one, but also one that is affected in important ways by the situation. We hope to provide support to members with resources and initiatives to keep our community strong.

For a roundup of information resources and virtual content, compiled by HQ, visit:

NACTO is maintaining a live register of recommendations to keep our transport safe and ensure they support the work of essential services. It is a useful toolkit for operators and government.

See the COVID-19 rapid response toolkit here.

Support services are available in Australia and New Zealand:

ITE online community

Live discussions are taking place on a range of COVID-19 related topics in the ITE online community. Login with your member details and join the discussion, or start a new one to seek valuable help from transportation professionals around the world.

Share your story  

To support our ITE-ANZ members, we are looking for stories about resilience. Share your story here   

Are you working on the frontline of transportation operations?

How have you overcome vulnerability while interacting with the transportation network?

How are you (your business/agency/teams) planning for recovery?
What are you learning about the ways your business can work into the future, particularly in transport and communications?

Is your livelihood threatened by changes to transport operations?

Do you have a good news story about how the disruptions have opened up new opportunities for you?

Share your story to help maintain a strong and supportive community.

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