Danielle visits Texas

I have had a great week in Austin, Texas at the ITE Annual Meeting and Conference. This experience was generously afforded to me by Austraffic and ITE Australia & New Zealand (ITE-ANZ) through the WorldwideLearningOpportunitiesGrant and would not have been possible without the support of SMEC, my managers Lindsay Smith David Blair and team who are genuinely committed to supporting graduate development.

Over the past week I have had the opportunity to learn from transport professionals across a breadth of disciplines on the future of transport. An emphasis on the need to reach a balance between mobility and safety emerged with discussions focused on the rise of micro mobility in Austin, as well as the need for cities to evolve as this technology becomes available.

It was fantastic to discuss young member and student initiatives with ITE’s leaders. It became evident that the ITE is a global network of transport professionals with a desire to support one another in the pursuit of creating innovative transport solutions for our communities.

A big thank you to the YoungITE committee, Don McKenzie, Laura Aston and Nick Szwed for their support. I look forward to seeing what YoungITE has in store for its constituents in the coming months.

Bruce Belmore (on the left), Danielle Rebbechi (in the middle) and Jeff Paniati,  (on the right)