Another Worldwide Learning Opportunity Granted

Congratulations to Danielle Rebbechi for receiving an Austraffic Worldwide Learning Opportunities grant to attend the Annual ITE Meeting in Austin Texas in July.

Danielle is a Graduate Transport Engineer at SMEC Australia in the Melbourne Office and Secretary of the YoungITE Committee. She is passionate about the transportation industry and is a keen advocate for young people contributing to the profession through fresh, innovative ideas.

She has been involved in the ITE-ANZ for over a year, taking on the role of Interstate Representative Liaison and Speaker Liaison as part of the organizing committee for the inaugural Student Leadership Summit (SLS). She has also taken on an active role within the ITE, assisting in the organization of 2019 seminars. Danielle is looking forward to exploring opportunities with her fellow committee members to assist young professionals and students to make a significant contribution to the profession.

Danielle Rebbechi (on the left) Louise Baldwin (on the right)