2019 August Seminar: Rail Projects

Thursday 22th August 2019

Hosted by Arup

Article by Mitchell Young


The ITE-ANZ August Seminar focused on rail transport infrastructure and its challenges. It highlights the importance of not just providing transport solutions to from design point of view but also the consideration of creating a new place value and connections for the community. Four notable speakers presented their topics:

Richard Vasta: Melbourne Sky Rail- Delivering Mega Projects. He discussed the challenges involving level crossing removals, which includes constructing elevated viaducts between developments whilst live rail was running through the area. Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations are good examples.

Richard Vasta


Amy Child: The value of place in transport infrastructure: She shared the idea of prosperous, safe and vibrant communities through urban design and discussed how transport can be measured from an urban design and place perspective.She emphasized that it is not just about civil related works but also involves urban design & planning, how both go hand in hand.

Amy Child


Terry-Lee Williams: Shared the challenges of implementing the Sydney light rail across George Street: How services had to be completely removed across George street to install the new light rail system, which cuts bus movements in half, in turn reducing air pollution and improve businesses in the area.

Terry-Lee Williams


John Mick: Shared insights to light rail and rail systems in the U.S. He particularly discussed on how grade separation works in the past in Illinois were all done by hand which has saved them a lot on costs.

John Mick

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