Toyota Engineer Awarded Patent for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure System

Toyota Technical Center’s general manager of the Integrated Vehicle Systems Department, Hideki Hada, has been awarded a patent for the development of vehicle speed indication using vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology. The idea behind vehicle speed indication using V2I is to improve traffic flow by dynamically adjusting posted speed limits on highways using vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication. The system uses Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) to transmit vehicle speed to the highway infrastructure management system, which collects that data and calculates an optimal speed of vehicles on that highway based on the traffic condition in the area. This optimal speed is sent to vehicles using DSRC wireless communication. Toyota has been contributing a large scale field operational test of this 5.9GHz DSRC technology at its Ann Arbor, MI, USA campus and proven the feasibility of this technology which can contribute to the improvement of vehicle safety and create the foundation for future connected-and-automated driving systems.

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