Transport Engineers at Monash (TEM) Student Chapter

The ITE Transport Engineers at Monash University (TEM) Student Chapter is helping to develop the next generation of transport engineers and creating strong links between students and the profession.

The students who form the Student Chapter Committee are:

Jey Parthiban

Jey Parthiban (President)

I am Jeyashivraj Parthiban (Jey), a dedicated and enthusiastic 4th year student pursuing a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)/Economics. I am the president of Transport Engineers at Monash for 2019. I am extremely excited to be part of the ITE student chapter and keen to organise the many events we will holding next year. As president I shall ensure TEM continues to provide opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals and engage with professional organisations. I am interested in both transport and structural engineering and hope to obtain a career in design or project management.


Cassandra Min

Cassandra Min (Past-President)

Cassandra is a fourth year Monash University student currently completing a double degree in Civil Engineering and Architectural Design. She is Past President of the student chapter, Transport Engineers at Monash and is involved in the overall strategic planning of the club within Monash University. Cassandra’s interests lie in transport and traffic engineering as well as sustainability, and she hopes to pursue a career in transport in the future.

Shrey Mehta

Shrey Mehta (Treasurer)

Hey, my name is Shrey Mehta and I’m the 2018/19 Treasurer for Transport Engineers at Monash. I’m currently in my 4th year of studies at Monash University and am enrolled in a double degree of Engineering (Civil) & Commerce Specialist (Actuarial Science). I am interested in all aspects of Civil Engineering, but particularly the elements of Transport and Structural Engineering are what fascinate me most. As the Treasurer for TEM, I am required to undertake critical decisions in relation to the expenditure and budgeting for events, and further manage the overall finances for the club.

Arun Dharma (AITPM Liaison)

Hi, I’m Arun Dharma and I am currently studying Bachelors of Engineering (Honours) and Commerce at Monash. I am in my penultimate year and will be majoring in civil engineering and finance. I am interested in transport and structural engineering, particularly in road infrastructure projects, and hope to have a career in project management. As TEM’s AITPM (Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management) Liaison, I attend meetings and maintain regular contact with AITPM on behalf of TEM. Both TEM and AITPM are extremely keen on having a TEM-run AITPM event at Monash University in 2019.


Branavan Ramalingam (ITE Liaison)

Hi, I am Branavan Ramalingam and I am currently in my penultimate year of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) at Monash University. I am interested in Construction (Project Management) and Transport and Traffic Engineering. I am the TEM-ITE Liaison Officer, and my role is to maintain regular contact with ITE on behalf of TEM and help with the planning and undertaking of the events carried out by TEM. I am very excited to be a part of the Transport Engineers Monash Committee. I am looking forward to working with the other members of the committee and making it a successful year for TEM.