Strategic Planning

ITE-ANZ Board and YITE members met to update our Strategic Plan for 2020-2023. This strategy helps to align the vision of the organisation as a whole and allows us to set specific targets and actions for the coming three years. These targets align with and help us to achieve our mission to “provide a global community of transportation professionals with the knowledge, practice and skills to serve the needs of their communities and help shape the future of transportation”.

A SWOT analysis was undertaken to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organisation to help inform the vision. Key action areas identified included:

  • Expanding the range of activities and services in states other than Victoria;
  • Develop ITE-ANZ policies, procedures and training to further develop the professionalism of the organisation;
  • Build ITE-ANZ resources and obtain additional sponsorship; and
  • Diversify membership base to include more women.

The ITE-ANZ Board and YITE Committee will continue to meet to turn these actions into a Strategy for the coming three years.

If you have ideas on how the ITE-ANZ could better serve its constituents or would like to be involved in the next strategy meeting, we encourage you to share your ideas or reach out via this link.

The links to the Strategic Plan Background Material and our current Strategic Plan can be found below.

Current Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Background Material