2020 July Webinar: Research Forum – COVID-19 and its Impact on Travel

This webinar brought together experts across Australia, New Zealand and North America to discuss recent changes to traffic and transport trends triggered by COVID-19.

Presentation 1

Laura Aston & Graham Currie (Director Public Transport Research Group) – Secondary demand impacts (traffic/bicycle/pedestrian/public transport) in Melbourne

  • Secondary demand impacts (traffic/bicycle/pedestrian/public transport) in Melbourne
  • Findings from a small cohort of in-depth qualitative interviews conducted during lockdown; and
  • Findings from prior research into ‘disruption’ impacts on public transport demand, that has given us a framework for designing our survey.

Presentation 2

Daniel Haake (Senior Transportation Planner – HDR Indianapolis) & Madhurri Seera (Goods Movement Strategy Lead, City of Calgary) – Impact of COVID-19 theme on freight and the work of the ITE Urban Goods Standing Committee)

Presentation 3

Doug Wilson (Director of Transportation Engineering Laboratories at The University of Auckland, New Zealand) & Amanda Kananke – Civil Engineer at Jacobs – Considerations and potential implications of COVID-19 for road safety based and impacts on travel during shutdown in Auckland.


You can download a copy of the event flyer below.