November 2015: Innovative Intersections

A very informative seminar was held at Jacobs Theatrette on 5 November 2015, discussing innovative and unusual intersection designs.

The speakers were:

John Cleeland is an expert in continuous flow intersections.  He demonstrated how these intersections can work, their benefits in traffic efficiency and how they might be applied in Melbourne.

John Cleeland Video link

Andrew O’Brien – Chairman & Director, O’Brien Traffic, discussed diverging diamond interchanges and other unusual intersection types.  In addition, Andrew gave some examples from the recent ITE Study Tour to Australia and New Zealand and from the ITE 2015 Technical Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Andrew O’Brien Video link

David Nash – Principal Traffinity, explained how the SIDRA INTERSECTION software package can be used to model and analyse complex intersections, paired intersections and interchanges.

David Nash Video link

In Utah USA, UDOT has published some guidelines on Continuous Flow Intersections here.

Slides and notes from the presentations can be downloaded below.

The seminar was proudly sponsored by SIDRA SOLUTIONS and kindly hosted by Jacobs.

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Russell Webb

Russell Webb – MC



John Cleeland



Andrew O’Brien