2024 May Webinar: Moving Around Merri-bek

This webinar was held on 7 May 2024.

Presenter:  Zoe McMaster – Sustainable Communities Program Officer, Merri-bek City Council

Topic: Transport Behaviour Change Programs.

Zoe talked about why behaviour change is so important when delivering transport projects, and shared learnings from the Merri-bek programs. Infrastructure provides new options, but behaviour change encourages new choices. Ultimately, when we build active and sustainable transport infrastructure, we need communities to choose to use it, champion it, and then demand more of it. Implementing behaviour change initiatives alongside infrastructure programs is key to ensuring our transport projects have meaningful and long-lasting impact in the communities they are delivered in. Merri-bek Council in Melbourne has delivered a range of innovative behaviour change programs over the last few years to enable and encourage more people to walk and ride, including their award-winning Ride & Stride program.

Link to Zoom Recording