ITE Study Tour

Some of the key leaders of ITE International toured Australia and New Zealand in September 2015.

This was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and the latest developments.  The exchange was two-way.

The touring party consisted of:

  • John Kennedy  – ITE International President
  • Hibbett Neel  – Past ITE International President
  • Tom Brahms  – ITE Executive Director & CEO
  • Michelle Birdsall  – ITE Journal Senior Editor
  • Becky Malenke  – Senior Project Manager, Neel-Schaffer Inc
  • Jon Kiser  – Professional Engineer, Neel-Schaffer Inc
  • Milton Carrasco – President & CEO, Transoft Solutions Inc

… and some of their family members.

Thanks go to Andrew O’Brien, Nick Szwed and David Nash who did a lot of work organising and hosting the Tour party.

Special thanks to those who gave time to give presentations to the group, including:

  • Ray Kinnear and Jim Webber (PTV and Docklands Development)
  • Mark Russell (Road Safety) and John Gaffney (Managed Motorways)
  • Matt Hansford (Intelematics)
  • Rod Chapman, Peter Daly, Brian Negus and Megan Ballantyne (RACV)

The visit was very successful and built a great sense of cooperation between North America and Australia & New Zealand.

IMG_5865 Sydney

The tour group at Sydney Metro


At Southern Cross Station, Melbourne

At Southern Cross Station, Melbourne

More pictures are available on our facebook page.