ITE Global District 8

ITE is the global community of transportation professionals

In mid-2017, the ITE International Board of Direction endorsed the proposal from ITE Global District 8 Director, Don McKenzie, to form a working group whose aim would be to develop the framework for the formation of a Global District 8 Board.

The role of such a Board would be to provide support to the Global District 8 Director and to facilitate greater communication and interaction between Global District 8 members.

Global District 8 Director, Don McKenzie, convened the first meeting of the Global District Board Formation Working Group on 13 July 2017 and the second meeting on 13 October 2017. Due to the many countries and time zones involved, these meetings were held online.

Any members of Global District 8 who wish to discuss this proposal or provide input are welcome to make contact with one of the members of the working group.

Working Group members:

Don McKenzie – ITE Global District Director, Auckland, NZ

Pradeep Reddy – Hyderabad, India

Tine Haas – Berlin, Germany

Hardik Shah – ITE Great Lakes District Director, Indianapolis, USA

Nick Szwed – ITEANZ President, Melbourne, Australia

Rafael Mejia-Ortiz – Toronto, Canada

Carlos Ortiz – Los Angeles, USA & Mexico

Shawn Leight – ITE President, St Louis, USA

Jeff Paniati – ITE Executive Director & CEO, Washington DC, USA

Colleen Agan – ITE Senior Director Membership, Washington DC, USA

Kathi Driggs – ITE Associate Executive Director & COO, Washington DC, USA