2020 April Webinar: Induced Demand – Do we get it?

This webinar was held on 22 April 2020.

David Nash talked us through the generally accepted definition of what is and what is not Induced Demand,  noting that Suppressed Demand also plays an important role in what trips occur on our network. The trips we talk about are those that are made by travellers, who respond to major changes in our networks. Changes, whether positive or negative to the route can cause travellers to:

  1. Re-route,
  2. Re-time,
  3. Re-mode,
  4. Re-locate,
  5. Re-evaluate (to take or not to take), or
  6. Stick with the status quo.

David summarised this through the conversations that are being had in the public, both from media and academic perspectives.

Many thanks to everyone who attended this webinar and we look forward to bringing more engaging content for our audience and members.

For those who were unable to attend, here is a recording of the webinar  

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