Transport Engineers at Monash (TEM) Student Chapter

The ITE Transport Engineers at Monash University (TEM) Student Chapter is helping to develop the next generation of transport engineers and creating strong links between students and the profession.

The students who form the Student Chapter Committee are:

Jey Parthiban

Jey Parthiban (ITE Liaison)

Jey is a dedicated and enthusiastic 2nd year student pursuing a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)/Commerce. He is extremely excited to be part of the ITE student chapter and keen to organise the many events they will holding in 2018. He has not yet chosen his specialisation in civil engineering but has an open mind to all fields. Jey enjoys reading books, exercise and music.

Cassandra Min

Cassandra Min (President)

Cassandra is a fourth year Monash University student currently completing a double degree in Civil Engineering and Architectural Design. She is President of the student chapter, Transport Engineers at Monash and is involved in the overall strategic planning of the club within Monash University. Cassandra’s interests lie in transport and traffic engineering as well as sustainability, and she hopes to pursue a career in transport in the future.

Shrey Mehta

Shrey Mehta (General Rep/ Mentoring Program Coordinator)

Hey! My name is Shrey Mehta and I am one of the 2017-18 General Representatives for Transport Engineers at Monash (TEM). I’m currently studying in my 2nd year at Monash University and am enrolled in Engineering (Civil) & Commerce Specialist (Actuarial Science). My intentions for the future are primarily set in the fields of Transport Engineering, holding a strong passion for transport networks and projects within Australia and also abroad!

Tyler O'Hare

Tyler O’Hare (AITPM Liaison)

Tyler is heading into his fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Monash University. He thoroughly enjoys the transport sector and will be pursuing a career within this field. Tyler previously worked at Traffix Group, and will be working at GHD as a summer vacation student this university break.

Luke Hall

Luke Hall (Treaurer)

Luke is part of the executive committee of Transport Engineers at Monash, as the group’s treasurer.  He is keen to get students across Monash and other departments involved in Transport Engineering through industry involvement opportunities, career advice, mentor-ship programs and interactive events that can stimulate interest in the Engineering field. He aspires to work in the transport field, currently plying his trade with Traffix Group as an undergraduate intern. Luke is a 3rd year Civil Engineering and Commerce student.

Charles Fowler

Charles Fowler (Marketing)

I am currently in my penultimate year of a double degree in Engineering (Civil) and Arts, majoring in Chinese. I am extremely interested in transport engineering and am currently gaining some experience through part time work at a traffic engineering firm in Melbourne. Within transport I have a specific interest in rail and transport infrastructure planning, especially bike infrastructure. I’m a keen cyclist and enjoy building and maintaining bikes. In the near future I hope to utilise my Chinese language to explore opportunities in Asia and learn about existing and developing transport systems in Asia, specifically China.

Richard Pulimoottil

Richard Pulimoottil (General Representative)

I’m a general representative at Transport Engineers at Monash, studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons.) and Bachelor of Finance. I am an enthusiastic individual looking to get an insight into ITE and network with Transport Engineering Professionals.

Susmita Kabir

Susmita Kabir (ACES President)

I’m Susmita Kabir, and am currently studying Bachelor of Commerce and Engineering (Honours), majoring in Civil Engineering and Finance. After graduating I hope to build my career around road engineering and project management.  My role in TEM is the Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES) Liaison Officer, which involves attending TEM meetings and coordinating joint events with ACES, which is the official Civil Engineering society at Monash University.  As the ACES Liaison Officer for TEM and President for ACES, I coordinate industry connections and communication between TEM and ACES. This collaboration allows events from TEM to reach a wider civil engineering audience within Monash University.