2020 August Webinar – COVID-19 and its Impact on Travel

This webinar was held on 13 August 2020.  It brought together experts across Australia, New Zealand and North America to discuss recent changes to traffic and transport trends triggered by COVID-19.

Presentation 1

Laura Aston & Graham Currie (Monash University, Public Transport Research Group) – Secondary demand impacts (traffic/bicycle/pedestrian/public transport) in Melbourne

  • Secondary demand impacts (traffic/bicycle/pedestrian/public transport) in Melbourne
  • Findings from a small cohort of in-depth qualitative interviews conducted during lockdown; and
  • Findings from prior research into ‘disruption’ impacts on public transport demand, that has given us a framework for designing our survey.

Presentation 2

Daniel Haake (Senior Transportation Planner – HDR Indianapolis)

Madhurri Seera (Goods Movement Strategy Lead, City of Calgary) – Impact of COVID-19 theme on freight and the work of the ITE Urban Goods Standing Committee)

Presentation 3

Amanda Kananke Arachchige (Civil Engineer at Jacobs, Auckland) – Considerations and potential implications of COVID-19 for road safety based and impacts on travel during shutdown in Auckland.

Doug Wilson (Director of Transportation Engineering Laboratories at The University of Auckland)

Recording:  The recording is on our YouTube channel.