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Seminar on 'Plan Melbourne' to be held at 4:30 pm on Thursday, 15th May 2014 at Jacobs SKM, 452 Flinders St, Melbourne


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15 April, 2014
"Next ITEANZ Seminar: 'Plan Melbourne' Will it deliver integrated transport and land use? When: Thursday 15th May 2014, 4:30 to 6:00 pm Where: Jacobs SKM theatrette, 452 Flinders St, Melbourne Speakers: Peter Sagar William McDougall John Stanley Place this in your diary and reserve your place at this event. See the ITEANZ website for details."


Plan Melbourne is the Victorian Government's vision for the city to 2050.  Three eminent speakers will present on this key strategy document which is currently out for public consultation.  They will particulalry examine how the strategy integrates transport with land use planning.


When:  Thursday 15th May 2014, starting at 4:30 pm


Where: Jacobs SKM theatrette, 452 Flinders St, Melbourne



  • Peter Sagar  - Project Manager, DoTPLI
  • William McDougall - Practice Leader, Jacobs SKM
  • John Stanley -  Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney

See the attached flyer for details and to register your booking.

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Cyclists to enter politics

In an Australian and World first, the NSW Electoral Commission has officially registered the Australian Cyclists Party – a party committed to promoting cycling and the interests of people who bicycle or would like to. The ACP is looking to set up in other states. If you are interested in this, have a look at their website.   

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The Impact of Parking on Sustainable Cities

One bus equals a lot of cars

Want to read an interesting article on how car parks affect our cities? Try this.

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2014 Annual Breakfast Meeting

A very successful breakfast meeting was held on 12th February.  The guest speaker was Luke Donnellan, Victorian Shadow Minister for Roads, Road Safety and the TAC.  The event was proudly sponsored by RACV.


2014 Breakfast    Luke Donnellan


More photos can be found on our facebook page.

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Vale David Freeman

Many of you will have known David Freeman, who was a Project Manager at Standards Australia for over 25 years and previously worked at VicRoads and the Country Roads Board.

It is with great sadness that we inform you that David passed away on Wednesday 22nd January 2014.

David only retired from Standards Australia in July 2011, when he was in his late 70s. However, he never stopped working. After leaving Standards Australia, he was contracted by AUSTROADS to continue his work on Standards and industry guidelines.

David had many years of road management experience and was well respected as the project manager for the committees MS-012 Road Signs and Traffic Signals and MS-049 Retroreflective Devices.

David was the signs and markings guru of Australia over his long professional career. His knowledge, judgement and dedication will be sorely missed in the profession. But, most of all, we will miss his friendship and jovial manner.

I fondly remember his theatrical voice booming from his office at the Country Roads Board, Kew, in the early 1980s. In those days, he smoked a pipe and the lunchtime bridge or solo game was a regular event.

The funeral was held in Sydney on Wednesday 29th January.

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Vale Howard McDonald

It is with very great sadness that we report that Howard McDonald passed away on Friday 17th January 2014, aged 53.

Howard was an important part of our ITEANZ community.  He spent one year as Vice President, two years as President and has been a member of the Board as Immediate Past President for the last two years.

He has been editor of the newsletter for five years and, unfortunately, didn’t get to see his last edition finished, even though he was working on it in early January.

Howard's funeral was held on 31st January with a strong representation from the many colleagues and friends he met over the years.  Phil Ridgeway from SMEC gave a heartfelt speech.

We are all very saddened by the loss of this very good friend and colleague. We offer our sincere condolences to Howard’s family.

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Driver Training

The International Road Federation, in Washington DC, has published this important research paper, from its Driver Behaviour, Education and Training sub-committee, giving the reasons why drivers should NOT be taught 'how to get out of a skid' or how to do a last-minute 'evasive swerve'.

The typical result of such training is not only more crashes rather than fewer, but also those crashes tend to be at higher speeds (due, it is believed, to increased over-confidence).

View the paper (pdf) at:

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NEWSLETTER 1st Quarter 2014

Please download our newsletter for the 1st quarter 2014 here

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2013 President's Dinner

The ITEANZ President's Dinner was held on Tuesday 19th November at the Kew Golf Club.


The keynote speaker was Mr Greg Barber, Parliamentary Leader of the Victorian Greens.


The evening was sponsored by SIDRA Solutions and the MC for the event was the ITEANZ Vice-President, Mr Tim Absalom, due to the inability of the President to attend.


2013 President's dinner


More photos can be found on the ITE ANZ facebook page.

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Motor Vehicle Window Tinting

Motor vehicle window tinting has been a subject of community discussion in recent years and ITEANZ has developed a position on this issue after a thorough process of peer review. Our position paper can be found here.

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ITEANZ Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2013

Download the ITEANZ 3rd Quarter Newsletter here.

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1958 Road Safety Advert

If you would like to see how road safety was being advertised in 1958 click here

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Signalised Intersection Transformed

If you want to see a video (15 min) of how a very busy fully signalised intersection in the UK was transformed and traffic signals removed click here .

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Birds Aware of Speed Limits

There appears to be evidence that birds are aware of speed limits on roads. If you wish to read the article click here.

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News from around Australia and the World


CASR report outlines benefits from lower suburban speed limits: click here


New design revealed for Flinders St station, but timeframe and budget not yet clear: click here


WA state budget provides funding to commence two major public transport projects - MAX light rail and an airport rail line: click here


Innovative tolling proposed for Tullamarine Fwy to meet Melbourne Airport needs. Click here.


Engineers are among top 10 most trustworthy professions. Click here.


Underground parking for bicycles? Could only happen in Japan.

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What is this?

Zebra Crossing


Do you know what this is? Traffic Engineers should know.

See the answer at the bottom of the page.


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The Anticyclist

If you'd like to read a poem about bicycling click here.

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Was the first car invented in Darwin, Australia? If you are interested click here. You may have to rotate the pdf file ie right click and rotate clockwise.

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Download the newsletter for the 2nd quarter 2013 here

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Cycling Forum

A forum on cycling was held on 24 April 2013 at Richmond Town Hall.  Over 100 people attended this very informative session with 12 speakers from a wide range of organisations - government and non-government. Each of the speakers' presentations is on the Seminars and Conferences page.

Cycling Forum -  Richmond Town Hall

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Leunig's answer to road rage

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ITE Transport  Resources

If you are looking for reliable articles, papers and other resources in relation to on-road transport that have been verified and checked, have a look at this site:

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Volvo Cyclist Detection

Volvo is introducing the world's first cyclist detection system with full auto-brake.

About 50 percent of all cyclists killed in European traffic were struck by a car, according to crash data cited by Volvo.

The Swedish manufacturer said that its new system can prevent collisions when a car and bike are headed in the same direction.

An instant warning and full braking power is applied to the Volvo car if a collision is imminent.

The technology behind Cyclist Detection

Volvo's Cyclist Detection uses a sonar-like sensor system to scan the area ahead of the car, with a central control unit continuously monitoring and evaluating the traffic situation.

Aiding that central control unit is radar embedded into the car's grille to detect objects out in front and determine their distance.

At the same time this radar unit is doing its job, a camera fitted into the rear-view mirror categorizes objects, be they pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles on the road.

Volvo said its early warnings are a credit to the dual-mode radar's wide field of vision and the camera's high resolution

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Counting Bicyclists and Pedestrians
Research Brief: Active Living Research, University of California, San Diego
The research brief describes types of technologies available for counting bicyclists and pedestrians and the benefits and challenges associated with different approaches. The brief also explains how bicyclist and pedestrian count data can be used to inform transportation planning and present trends in levels of bicycle and pedestrian activity.

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ITEANZ Newsletter

Download the ITEANZ 1st Quarter 2013 newsletter here.

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Speed Limit not Target

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Self-Driving Cars

Here are Some of the Problems Google is Having with its Self-Driving Cars

News Article: Business Insider
The article highlights the benefits anticipated with the introduction of self-driving vehicles. The article also identifies three challenges facing system designers: driving in snow; encountering a change in a road that is not yet reflected in its onboard "map;" and driving through construction zones, accident zones, or other situations in which a human is directing traffic with hand signals.

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The recent annual ITEANZ Engineers Australia Transport Branch breakfast meeting was a staggering success. We would like to thank the honerable Minister for Transport Mr Terry Mulder for his speech, and answering some challenging questions from those in attendance.

If you missed the speech or would like to look over it again, you can find a copy here. I suggest that for best effect you have an amazing plate of eggs Benedict in front of you.


We would also like to thank the RACV for their sponsorship, and for hosting the event at the RACV Club of Victoria. Without their support the event would not have been possible.

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Our AGM was held after this years annual breakfast event with the Hon Terry Mulder. The meeting was well attended with many ITE members answering the call to join the Executive Board. Full notes of the AGM can be found here, but for those who cannot stand the excitement while the page loads, we would like to congratulate the following for their election onto the board:

President - Derrick Hitchins

Vice President - Tim Absalom (also Webmaster)

Immediate Past President - Howard McDonald

Secretary - Nick Szwed

Treasurer - Andrew Somers (also WA representative)


Emma Donnelly - Assistant Treasurer

David Nash - Assistant Secretary

Richard Tay - Seminar coordinator

Don McKenzie - New Zealand representative

Daniel Przychodzki - Professional development

Andrew O’Brien - Board Member

Ishan Gangabada - Board Member

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Welcome to the new and improved ITEANZ website. This website has been developed to allow the ITEANZ Executive Team to better communicate with our members and friends within the community.


Please stop by our events page to see what is planned for the future, and don't forget to sign up to our email list, where we will send out an email advertising upcoming events from time to time. Most importantly, if you prefer to keep up to date via social media, links to our Facebook and Twitter feeds can be found above. Also coming to a computer near you... keep an eye out for our YouTube videos.


Answer to puzzle: Zebra Crossing

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